Almost time to party…

Tonight is our Crazy Christmas sweater party, which also means Miss Katie and I exchange gifts. Since she is over at her sister’s house now I figured it was safe for me to post a little preview of her presents. I saved that great potato bag because the red and green is just such festive fun. There are presents inside (which I won’t reveal yet just in case), The small candy box we saw the day we were shopping together so I bought it in secret for her, the suitcase is from bake it pretty (with goodies inside), and the hot pads I made myself.

The hot pads are really easy to make and smell oh so good. I filled mine with rice mixed with cloves, cinnamon sticks, and rosemary from my own plant which is still growing strong outside.
1. I sewed a square of fabric (sewing up 3 sides) turning it right side out.
2. I then sewed around the 3 edges that had already been sewn, but this time on the “right side” of the fabric. This makes it look more uniform later when you sew the pad closed.
3. I sewed 5 lines of stitching down the pad. These stiches create the channels you will fill with your rice mixture. Its important to make your stitches so they are running from one closed end of the pad, down to the open end. End your stitches about 1/2 inch shorter then the edge of your fabric. This will leave you a edge that is easier to turn under.
4. Next with pins handy and a funnel fill each channel with rice mixture. As you fill a section, tuck the open edges under and pin in place. This helps keep rice from spilling out.
5. Once all sides are filled and tucked, you can sew the opening shut on your sewing machine. Just go slow and remove the pins as you go. I found it helped to pin as close to the edge of the channel stitches as possible. This way I could leave the pins in and sew past them. This keeps rice from spilling out as your sewing. You also want to avoid sewing over any of the rice as it can break your needle. You can always handsewn the whole thing shut with a running stitch instead if it gives you trouble.
6. The pads are used to protect your tables and counters from hot dishes, and when the hot dishes are set down on them, they smell wonderful!

Lastly there is a glimpse of my sweater for the party. I went with embellishing my own this afternoon. last minute of course, so its not WOAH super crazy….but I’ve got some good prizes for those crazy sweaters coming :)