for my gnomie Heather

Here is a gnome guy I made for my sister Heather. He is inspired by vintage gnomes that I have seen online, and was quite fun to make. I used pantyhose from a thrift shop (but still in package ;) for his head and body. It reminded me of the babies my mom made us from pantyhose when we were younger. One that was hooked to a blanket so you could make it move around and look real, anyone else remember those?

Anyway, lots of fun to make..

I also made eggnog squares for our party to use up some of the eggnog we had left. I didn’t read the whole recipe through before making them (I never do! haha) and then when I came to the part about the water bath I just said “aw forget it” and popped them in the oven. I still baked them the same amount of time, and they are wonderful! Nothing bad happened to them without their bath. Oh and I didn’t add any alcohol either…

Thomas is off for the next three days, so I might not get a chance to update…we have some fun plans for New Years Eve and New Year’s Day so I’ll be back with photos hopefully by Sunday or so. I hope everyone has a safe and fun New Years! See you in 2010!