what do you do on Christmas vacation?

Yesterday was really nice outside, sunny, not too cold. But no matter how sunny the day when night comes we feel the need to snuggle in and enjoy the house of Christmas lights. I think that is what I will miss most when the decorations are packed away. I love the way everything feels when lit by tiny light bulbs. All of the main rooms in our house have some sort of lights going on, and they are all set to timers. So as soon as the sun starts to go down the little tights switch on for quite a magical effect :)
+crochet work
+hot chocolate
+ cozy tents

Christmas Christmas

Sorry for the major photo heavy post :) Starting from the top are some goofy ornaments I made for fun. Then on to some of the awesome presents I got. Then the last photo are some knee hugger elves I made for my sister. Its not so much a super huge surprise because they are in a see-through stocking after all, plus I think she is expecting me to make her more like last year. She covers her whole tree in elves and can always use more. I actually felt like these turned out better then the ones I made last year so that is good. I tried googling “make your own knee hugger elves” with no luck. The hardest part with the heads I have is the opening is on the back of their head (not in the neck area) so I always need to make sure the whole back of the head is covered.

Merry Merry!

I hope everyone had a very merry Christmas :) This year our celebrating isn’t over yet. We usually do a Christmas Eve celebration with my sister and her family. Since poor Heather had to work on Christmas Eve this year it was re-scheduled to the Wednesday coming up. It feels nice to extend things and try and make it last longer.

Since we have never had a free Christmas Eve we were a little unsure what to do with ourselves. Tom and I took the kids out to a beautiful German Christmas shop we like to visit, then to explore a flea market near that which used to be an old factory building and is lots of fun to wander through.

Then we had lunch out and headed home to wrap last minute gifts, watch cheesy Christmas movies (Ernest Saves Christmas), cook breakfast for dinner together, and then open our Christmas Eve gifts (always pjs!). Once Santa’s cookies and milk were set out and the kids were off to bed I read A Christmas Carol to Tom, that was fun and actually the first time I have the story. It was an unusual Christmas Eve for us, but still very nice in it’s own way.

I’ll try and post again tomorrow…I can share some of my gifts, some gifts I made, and some more of our Christmas decorations before it seems “too late” ;)