Thread Wrapped Elf

On Tom’s last day off we had a lovely afternoon alone shopping at Flea markets, when I came across the sweetest little ornament (last one pictured above) for .35cents! I love the way the little elf was made so simply from pipe cleaners and embroidery floss and wanted to try and make my own.

It was really simple and I didn’t feel like I needed to make a real tutorial, but if you guys want one I can. I just shaped the body with pipe cleaners, then used my glue gun and embroidery floss/bakers twine to wrap his shirt and pants. I secured the ends around back with a dab of the glue gun.

I then cut a little collar from felt with a slit in the middle so it slid down over his neck. Then more glue on his neck and his bead head was added. Then I made a cone hat from felt (and the glue gun) and sewed a little bell on top. His little sign is just construction paper and a toothpick. I had so much fun making him and it really took less then ten minutes!

The kids and I are going to make more tonight, and add strings to them so they are ornaments we can add to the tops of the gifts we are giving. I think they would also make great pins for wearing, ornaments, or cupcake toppers if you used bamboo skewers glued to their bum area (so their legs wouldn’t get down in the frosting). I am going to try and make a Santa this way (with a bigger belly, and beard) and a Mrs. Claus too. I’ll report back tomorrow!

party party…

We had a good time last night, despite the fact that all the snow we got kept some of our guests stuck at home. We decorated gingerbread (graham cracker) houses, exchanged cookies, listened to Christmas music, and had a fun evening. Thanks to everyone who came, and most especially wore a crazy Christmas sweater!

We made Christmas Mixed cds for everyone to take home as party favors. You can see the list of songs here–including some favorites like What Can You Get A Wookie For Christmas (when he already owns a comb)