the Christmas Cheer continues!

I hope you won’t mind all the holiday related posts, but with two snows, and all these decorations it is keeping me in the holiday mood non-stop. Last night we went to my youngest son’s Christmas play. He was elf #12 and had his own little lines to memorize, and one elf costume that I had to sew. The play was filled with songs, costumes, and was so cute.

Then last night we had another snow storm (which almost all of has been washed away by the sporadic rain today) I’m loving all the winter weather, I was afraid we wouldn’t see snow until after Christmas, and we’ve had it twice!

We have also been doing an advent calendar this year and that has been lots of fun. We normally do the chocolate ones or Playmobil etc. This year I took a cue from my friend Katie and made an advent calendar filled with activities instead. I had this cute Martha Stewart paper house that I got last year on clearance. So I sat down and made rhymes (like Katie) for each day. Some of the activities include making a thermos of cocoa for a walk in the woods, cutting out snowflakes to hang, a library trip specifically for Christmas books, and making ornaments for a swap we are involved in. There are easier ones for busy nights like wrapping gifts together, or listening to Christmas records, etc. My 14 yr. old did roll his eyes a bit the first few times, but now he seems to look forward to the stuff as much as his younger brother. I look forward to them myself, and the great thing about the house is if something comes up the slips of paper can easily be switched around last minute.

We are going to go get our Christmas tree tomorrow, and then I’ll take some photos of the house all decorated!

Christmas shopping with Katie

Today was a lovely day with my bestie Katie. She had some extra vacation time so she took the day off so we could do so Christmas shopping. Our shopping including all the best thrift shops, the candy shop downtown, and lunch out…it was absolutely grand :)

I spotted that cute mushroom gnome in one of the shops, and I want to try and make my own. The bottom photo is part of the Christmas window display the candy shop does, Santa’s sleigh zooms around jars filled with candy, I love it! I tried to get a better photo of the whole thing but the sun was shining really brightly so this is all I was able to get.

back from Massachusettes

We are back from Boston MA, a whirlwind of a trip! Tom, the kids and I headed out Friday aiming for Amherst MA to make the trip there slightly shorter and to check out the Eric Carle Picture book museum. The museum is on the small side but still very lovely. It was amazing to see things like Mary Blair’s paintings up close.

There was snow, beautiful snow–which made up for us missing the big snowfall back home. Two hotel stays with beds for jumping, Kam Man Marketplace for shopping, and one Halloween outlet (which didn’t live up to the stuff we read about it, but oh well) The show was great as usual. The photo up there was taken at the very end, thanks to everyone who came out, said hello, or bought some goods!

Then after the show we packed up and headed home—a very long 7 hour drive. We didn’t get home till almost 3am, and it felt like the drive would never ever end. So happy to be home and ready to get into full on Christmas mode!! I have to go pack some orders, and I will update my Etsy with the goods I have left some time this afternoon.