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book-145 Tela :My favorite cookie is a no bake cookie. I remeber making them as a kid. So easy to make and oooh so good. I make them now for my own kids who in turn love them!

cards-109 Daisy :almond are my favorite and drop cookies too! but it allways tastes the best made by yourself

cards-9 Sandypie :My favs are my MIL’s sugar cookies or my own chocolate chip.

cards-103 Helen: we don’t really do cookies so much here in the UK but I have a very nice chocolate chip one that I sometimes make
If I don’t hear from you, I will send you each an email later today! Congrats!


So we are slowly but surely getting things ready for Christmas around here. It is not nearly as decorated as I would like, but I have been sewing like crazy for Boston’s Bizarre Bazaar this weekend, so the decorating will ensue once we return.

We did put up the white tree, and so far things with that have been going well. The cat was interested at first, but never tried to climb it. And now that the snowy village is up, that is all she cares about. I am sure once we have the “real” tree it will be a different story, but for now she has taken to laying in the middle of the snowy village as much as she possible can. I am considering filling a basket with faux snow for her to lay in and changing the village to something less soft and welcoming :) She knocks down so much when she gets up there, shes like a godzilla in the poor tiny village.

We haven’t got our outside lights up yet, but I did manage to hang little wreaths on all the windows. I found them half off, and had the ribbon. I like them quite a lot! I’m off to do more sewing and order packing, and I will be back in a few hours with the giveaway winners.