I made myself a teapot trivet a few days ago when my Spoonflower fabric arrived. I can’t sell the fabric yet because it has a small flaw which is my fault (a small white line on the edge of he repeat) It will be really easy to fix but then I’ll have to reorder more before I can sell it.

So I am using up the teapots fabric myself, its very easy to avoid the white line when using it for small projects like bags, trivets etc. :)

mister burger head

It has been a busy Friday of running errands (weird things too like buying a new kitchen trash can) Baking bread for dinner at Sean + Amanda’s tonight, and trying to find a local CSA because Spring will be here before you know it! I think I finally found a farm that is close enough and organic, just waiting to hear back from them.

It is freezing here today and thoughts of Spring are very welcome indeed. Oh and so the post is not all words, mister burger up there is for your viewing enjoyment. Once I get a few more made (and hopefully hotdogs again too) I will get them all up in the shop.


Trying out the teapots in a print. I like the large size of it but I am going to try and have it printed somewhere else…too many errors and back and forth to get this one ;)

And playing with candy sprinkles yarn from Studio Loo. I wanted to see how it looked crocheted, now I am going to frog it and try knit. Still not sure what I am going to make from it, but the yarn is beautiful!