kitchen changes…

My spice rack used to hold toys, but I moved them and switched it to spices, so much more convenient then taking the boxes of spices out of the high cabinet every time I cooked, who would have guessed that a spice rack might work well for spices ;)

We also recently hung hooks under our cabinets for some of our favorite mugs, it has been really handy as well.

beautiful together

It is so grey and dull outside today that I thought a shot of color might be nice. First up is a pair of bunnies I bought at a local thrift shop before Valentine’s Day. I figured I’d save them till it was closer to Easter…but actually I think they work great for either holiday. They were .35 each and are made from old dishwashing liquid bottles. 4 bottles total, one for each body and then one for each set of ears. Their fur is also made from cotton balls…so good! The kids both say they are scary, I think they are awesome!

Next up some beautiful book covers. These lovelies were presents for Valentine’s Day, two editions of Alice that are new to me…and some new Jasper Fforde. I had to take their photos outside (again because it is so very dark)