Snow Day (day 2)

We did so much shoveling yesterday, and had to shovel more this morning. It is times like these that we wish we had a much shorter driveway. Then we walked to the local park with the kids. The park is sort of down in a valley like area so it has great sledding hills all around that just slide you down into the park area.

We sledded until we just couldn’t make the walk up the hill any more and headed home. Then I made hot chocolate and this maple pumpkin bread (left out the walnuts and used more maple instead of some of the sugar) and we played Uno. After dinner we watched Groundhog’s Day thanks to the Netflix that plays through the Xbox. Which was nice since we didn’t get any mail because of the storm :)

Thomas has a snow day again today, which is so very nice. We will finish getting the cars cleared off, probably do some more sledding and see what else we can do to keep cabin fever at bay.