Happy Fat Tuesday!

I was feeling rushed and lazy and figured I would just pick up a King Cake at the local grocery store. My youngest son was so excited that it was Fat Tuesday and that meant the promise of a cake stuffed with a plastic tiny baby. But the grocery shop did not have one single king cake, so in the end I had to make one. I made cinnamon roll type dough and cooked it in a bundt pan in small balls mixed with cinnamon and sugar (almost like monkey bread) It stuck a little so it is not beautiful. But after cooking I did indeed stuff one naked plastic baby into the cake for one lucky person to find!

My oldest son has a friend over for dinner tonight, so I need to be extra careful in reminding no one to choke on naked baby ;)

The king cake of the New Orleans Mardi Gras tradition comes in a number of styles. The most simple, said to be the most traditional, is a ring of twisted bread similar to that used in brioche topped with icing or sugar, usually colored purple, green, and gold (the traditional Carnival colors) with food coloring. There are many variants, some with a filling, the most common being cream cheese and praline. Cajun king cakes are traditionally,deep fat fried as a doughnut would be. They are topped with sugar granules in the official Carnival colors of purple, green and gold. The purple represents the passion of Christ, the green represents hope and the gold the rewards of leading a Christian life.
It has become customary in the New Orleans culture that whoever finds the trinket must provide the next king cake.

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8 Responses to Happy Fat Tuesday!

  1. I lived in Louisiana for a year a long time ago, and I have vivid, incredibly-delicious memories of king cakes. Yours looks yummy!

  2. Mom says:

    Down here in South Carolina they celebrate by having Pancakes with Syrup. Your King cake looks wonderful!

  3. P says:

    I am missing Mardi Gras for the fifth year in a row! I tried a King Cake from the grocery here last year, but it was terrible. I like your rainbow of sugar sprinkles.

  4. Megan M says:

    I’ve lived in Florida my entire life and had never heard of a king cake until last year when visiting my favorite bakery/cafe who happened to be selling them. I bought one and loved it!!! Unfortunately, I didn’t find the baby. Yours looks delicious and that flower is gorgeous!

  5. Angie says:

    Wouldn’t every meal be enlivened by a hidden baby inside?

  6. Laurel says:

    I got the baby in almost every piece of king cake I ate this year. (and trust me, when you live in louisiana, you eat a lot of king cake during the month of february!) We have some excellent bakeries in town. I was lucky to have some wonderful kings cakes available, but I would love to know how to make my own! Probably would have saved me some cash. Your cake looks excellent. It’s making my quite hungry in fact.

  7. Good Job keeping the Mardi Gras spirit! We’ve eaten lots of king cake here lately and caught our feel of beads yesterday! It is one of our favorite holidays. If you need some beads for next year let me know.

  8. April says:

    Oh my that’s sinful.