The Detective Party!

Alright, so this will be the last post about the party…but I will be sure to add links in this post to all the previous entries about it incase you ever decide to have one yourself. I have to say the party was really lots of fun, and the time frame of an hour and one half worked out really well. We did have two friends arrive an hour late because of daylight savings times mixing them up, but we got them into the party and they didn’t miss too much.

For decorations we kept it pretty simple, just black table cloths, some black streamers with finger prints hanging off them (you can print a sheet of fingerprints here). The bomb take home favors were sort of like decorations too, and we made a body outline using artist’s tape for the floor.

Since the kids were coming at noon I had all the food ready when they arrived, just finger foods like lots of fruit, little pizzas made from mini bagels, crackers, pretzels, and juice. This way the kids could snack while we waited for everyone to arrive. After about twenty minutes I handed out fingerprinting cards (you can print your own here, they print two to a page) and put out markers so they could write their names on them, and colored stamp pads so they could fingerprint themselves. I made sure to pick up some wet wipes before the party just for this fingerprinting part.

Next up I handed each kid a kit (which I had made ahead of time) so they could make their own marshmallow guns. I found print outs and some instruction on this blog. I really loved her print outs which show how the guns go together, and have some helpful rules for combat like “Do not eat muddy or dusty marshmallows off the ground, no one wants to barf before bedtime” I bought and cut my 1/2 inch pvc pipe into sections that were 1 foot long each (1 foot per gun) then I went back and marked off to cut three smaller pieces 5 inches, 4 inches, and 3 inches. I bought a pvc cutter (which was only $10) because I actually have some ideas for pvc and summer time fun with the kids, so I know I will use it again. We sent all the pieces through the dishwasher…I picked up discounted googles, and marshmallows and then divided it all into large ziploc bags. We wrote each kid’s name on the bag so when it came time to take it home it would be easy to sort out.

Assembling the guns went really well, we had plenty of adults at the party to help, and an older brother, uncle and grandpa who couldn’t resist making their very own guns. I figured they would want to, so we had made up extra kits. I then give them stickers to decorate the guns and we let them loose. Really the kids seemed to have such a good time with this, and it wasn’t as messy as I thought it might be. If you can do it outside, that is best, but it was raining here so indoors it was. I would say that these are truly something that can be enjoyed for most any age group. We might do these again for my older son’s birthday since he seemed to really like it himself.

Once we were ready to do the birthday cake. We collected up all the guns and put them into the ziploc bags, and then some of the adults helped sweep up the marshmallows while I got the cake ready and more juice, plates etc to all the kids. The bomb cake looked much better when I could hide the wrinkle bits with cupcakes.

After cake and cupcakes we had time for the last game, which is a game that can be short or long depending on how much time you need to fill. Pass The Package. Before the party I had been picking up inexpensive small gifts like groups of fun pencils, bubble gum, etc. and I also had been getting children’s detective books from BookMooch, stuff like Nate the Great, Harriet The Spy etc. Then it came time to wrap the gifts. What you want to do is have a bunch of different kinds of wrapping paper and wrap all the presents. Once they have one layer of gift wrap, pick a different wrapping paper, and wrap them again, and again, and again etc. Vary the layers of wrapping so some gifts only have one layer, and some could have as many as ten! Then for the game all the kids sit in a circle and you hand them one gift. You have some one in charge of music and they play the music as the gift is passed around the circle (like the game hot potato) only this time the person holding the gift when the music stops gets to unwrap a layer of gift wrap. However ends up opening the last layer and seeing the present inside gets to keep it! But since you never know how many layers a gift will have, if you open a layer of gift wrap and see more gift wrap then the music starts again and the gift keeps getting passed around. Since our time at the party was coming to a end we sometimes had as many as three gifts floating around the circle at once. Plus the kids are young, so Tom (our music guy) made sure he stopped the music so everyone got many turns unwrapping and everyone got at least one gift. It was so much fun to watch this game, and really funny since you never know if there will be more wrapping paper or not. Again I think a game that could work for any age.

For our game music I had assembled some spy songs..
-Scooby Doo theme song
-Inspector Gadget theme gon
-Secret Agent Man by Johnny Rivers
-Peter Gunn theme
-Pink Panther theme song
-Get Smart music
-Watching The Detectives by Elvis Costello
-Mission Impossible theme
I’m sure you can come up with even more, but they added a nice sound track to the party.
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