Boopsie-Amazing mail

Today in the mail I received a really exciting box of goodness from Missy (aka Boopsie Daisy) If you have never seen Missy’s work well you are in for a treat indeed. She makes the most beautiful dolls I have ever seen (the cutie St. Patrick girls you see up top) and things like Snow White, Ellen!, cutie carnival girls, or you know just plain amazing dolls like these. Seriously I could link and link and link.
Then as if that wasn’t enough, she also arranges and takes some of the best photos! Again see above…and her Flickr, and her Etsy for more.
My box of wonder also had all these amazing gnomes, gnome wood cut outs, mushrooms, and things I couldn’t even fit into the photos. It was so much fun to go through it all! Missy, I cannot thank you enough! Exciting mail days are just the best!