I feel like I’ve been so out of it with blog posts, and email correspondence. I am so behind on my email replies, please forgive me for that, and don’t think I am ignoring your kind words…because I promise I am not. I do read each and every email, and love them! It is just when it comes to replies I get so behind :(

Now that everything for my show has hopefully arrived safe and sound (fingers crossed) in Chicago I can relax a little. Working on stuff for the show has kept my weekdays pretty filled. I did have some time today to finish up some new Spring plush, and an order of fabric should arrive tomorrow. If so there will be a shop update on Sunday and orders will ship Mon and Tues..but then I will close up the shop until after Easter.

Plus I am working on a little something to give out at my show, think of it as a goodie bag? I can never throw a party without giving the guests something to take home, and well….I think of a show kind of the same way. :) Meanwhile here is a kangaroo family that caught my eye last time I stopped at the thrift shops. He is mended in one area, but was super cheap, and very cute. The funny part is both of the coin slots direct the coins to the same place. Since I just finished our taxes recently it seems even more appropriate. Oh the joys of self-employment and mountains of receipts!