eggs + picnics

I had a very nice weekend, despite the rainy weather we had today. On Saturday morning we tried making Martha’s origami covered wooden eggs. We only made 4 total because my 7 year old found it to be frustrating (personally Thomas and I did too, we hated the way the paper would wrinkle or overlap too much haha) I’ll figure out an easier way we can decorate the remaining wood eggs.

Then we packed up a picnic lunch and meet up with my friend Katie and her little boy. We went hiking in Harpersferry WV. It was such a beautiful day, just very chilly. We stopped for some hot chocolate, coffee, tea, and ice cream. Even though it was freezing the boys both had ice cream.

Then at night both boys were staying over at friends houses, so Tom and I went out to the movies. We saw Shutter Island, which I liked quite a bit. It was not a horror movie like we expected, but very good, and although graphic-very beautiful too.

Then today I got to see my sister for a few hours, and then hang out with Katie again in the evening. Weekends are always great when you get to see some of your favorite people :)