I found these animal cracker’s, and couldn’t resist their charming design. I am going to save the boxes for wrapping tiny presents inside :)

In today’s mail the terrarium fabric arrived! I’ll try and put a few fabric bundles into the shop later with this print in them, and the rest I will post once I return from Chicago. I am really a fan of fabric with small prints, but I think next time I will get this one printed slightly larger so you can see the detail more easily. I just always feel like small prints work best for most projects, your thoughts? When I return from Chicago I am going to be making more tissue cozies and pouches too, plus more of the craft related plush that have been on the back burner.
I’ve got so much to do before we leave, but I will be back online tomorrow for sure to show the goodies I am bringing to give out to people coming out to the show.