sorting and folding…

I took an evening this week to go through and organize my fabric shelves. I ended up with two baskets full of my smaller fabrics folded neatly into little pleasing bundles :) I need to get some projects going to use up some of these goodies, but some times it is so hard to use up my favorites!

I finally printed out the pdf (you can see it hanging up there on my thread) for Sharilyn’s lovely forest quilt, so that should atleast make a little dent in my greens :)


A late-night post is better then no-post, right? Just a few photos from the backyard that were already on my computer. We have this big big tree growing along our back fence. I thought maybe pokeweed from the look of the flowers, but it is a big tree (as in to cut it down we would need an axe) so I’m really not sure. I tried looking for info without any luck.

We are growing strawberries…I hope they do well. Only time will tell :)