Portland part 2

Ape Cave– An amazing lava tube which was formed with lava from Mount St. Helens. We didn’t hike the tube (it said to allow 2.5 hours) because we didn’t bring a light source (and it was pitch black and freezing cold) but it was so amazing to go down into the entrance. Here is a photo I took with flash looking into the cave.

Voodoo Doughnuts– We actually only visited the “Voodoo Too” location the times that we got donuts. Once it was pretty early in the morning and there was a huge selection and only a few other people. Once Tom went alone to pick up some donuts at night and it was pretty crowded then. Still, super fun, tasty donuts, and of course Tom loved all the vegan selections. We did walk past the downtown location once and there was a big line of people out the door.

The Goonies Jail– Recently turned into a small film museum (for the 25th anniversary) Fun for big Goonies fans like us. As soon as we entered Astoria Tom was humming the opening theme song :) The museum is small, and still getting started but we were glad we went.

The Goonies House– You can park on the street and walk up the drive way to The Walsh’s house + Data’s house too. Of course some one does actually live in the house now…so we walked up quick to take a peek and photo of the view and then headed back down :)

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4 Responses to Portland part 2

  1. madebymegs says:

    The Goonies are my fav…and now I must take a trip just to experience that. I have now added it to my bucket list!!

  2. Heather says:

    So cool!! I love The Goonies so much!!

    That lava tube sounds so neat.

  3. Belle says:

    Goonies! I totally live on the wrong side of the world. I need to visit Portland too. Fruit loops, Goonies, Ape cave, what more could one need??!

  4. melina bee says:

    can’t wait to drive out to the coast this summer and visit the goonies trail after rewatching it (been too long)