working working working…

The kids are back to school now, today is day two for them. I’ve been busy spending that time making making making. In less then three weeks I’ll be making the trip out to the west coast to sell my goods, so I’ve been a sewing fool.

I also made buttons, and some prints. Back to sewing for now ;)

Swan Song

Here is the big swan I talked about yesterday. It reminds me of those old swan boats, or maybe a smaller scale of a statue in one of the Storybook Land parks. I love it so much :)
I also received some fabrics from Spoonflower, my prints arrived too—so tomorrow once the kids are off to their first day of school I will get some things added to the Etsy shop.

follow the white rabbit

Today we headed down south to West Virginia + Virginia. I dropped off my oldest son at his cousins for a party there–and then B and I headed to Katie’s house for a fun afternoon. With Katie and her little boy L we took a trip to Lucketts VA to check out the awesome antique shops and the Luckkets Fair.

Katie fit in the decor perfectly with her cute blue vintage dress. :) We had fun treasure hunting despite the crowds. Katie found a plant holder she had been wanting, and I came home with a giant storybook swan made of metal (hard to explain so I’ll take some photos tomorrow) Above you can see a group of lovely white rabbits, some beautiful wallpapered stairs, katie in her blue dress, and super cute fabric (an apron) which I loved but did not buy.

We then went back to her house for a lovely afternoon. We continued on with Gilmore Girls, crafted, drank coffee–the usual. I am so happy to have addicted her to The Gilmore Girls, watching the episodes over again are even sweeter when you watch them with someone who has never seen them.

Tonight Tom and I had a date to see Scott Pilgrim Vs The World, but we couldn’t find a showtime that worked with his work schedule–so were going to try and go see it soon!