Wee Wonderfuls blog tour

Hillary’s book Wee Wonderfuls: 24 Dolls to Sew and Love is out, and it looks amazing! I am happy to be part of her blog tour :)

Everything looks so beautiful, that I am not sure how I will decide what to sew first. I mean look at Evelyn the inchworm! Hillary did such an amazing job with her dolls and gives you a variety of projects that would be good for boys or girls (good for me since I have a ton of boys in my life)

Her instructions take the mystery out of doll making. I think there is such a great mix of skill levels in her book that even a beginning sewer can start with the easier dolls and work their way up to finish each and every doll in the book. Personally I like Amy’s plan of giving the book as a gift with a mixture of fabrics and trims–what a wonderful present that would be!

Be sure and check out Hilary’s blog tour list so you can read interview with her, enter giveaways for a signed copy, and see even more sneak peeks inside the book.

Next up I plan to settle in with my copy of the book and a stack of sticky notes. This way I can mark the pages and start planning some Christmas gift making (and not just for kids either, because I know some adults who would adore quite a few of these beauties) :)

more gnomes…

I made some little tiny gnomes (not finished, but you get the idea) with little mushroom caps. Their little heads crack me up, like little acorns :)

And please forgive the photo of a phone photo. My banner arrived and my son took the photo yesterday using my phone, and it would be so impossible for me to get a photo myself. I hope you can tell but it has a face cut out, so you can pose with a couple of gnomes. So please come by on Saturday to Crafty Bastards and get your photo taken!

Lancaster PA

The last four days feel like they were a blur of activity. Yesterday was the show in Lancaster, and I can’t thank my friend Katie enough for making the trip with me. It is only a two hour drive each way–but felt much quicker thanks to her company.

The show was a bit different then what I had been expecting, but still a nice day spent with Katie, and it was so fun to meet another “Heidi”, thanks again Heidi for coming out!

One more week of crazy work while I prepare for Crafty Bastards this Saturday! Then we have my older son’s 15th birthday party coming up too! So lots of stuff to keep me busy! I should be getting postcards for my book soon too, and start looking for it in shops as of Oct. 1st :) :)