B’s newish bedroom…

I finally took some photos of B’s new room (he and my older son traded bedrooms recently). He has the “up in the air” bed from Ikea so I did a lot of debating on where to put it. There isn’t a perfect wall for it, and almost anywhere it would cover part of a window or block the closet. So for now it is in the middle of the room (although I think that makes the room look smaller)

The circus wagon under his bed holds all his dress-up costumes. It is something Tom’s grandfather actually made for him/his siblings when they were little.

The wall of Friend Or Foe plush is the combined collection of both of my kids. K decided just to leave his hanging there as well, so it is quite a lot of them. You can easily hang most any plush on the wall by sewing a small loop of embroidery thread on the back.

A lot of the stuff in the room was found at thrift shops–like the kooky bear chair, most of the stuff on the walls (the Moomin wall hanging was fabric I stretched), the big B (which lights up), Chairy, and most of the books.

His lego collection is currently crazy huge because not only did his older brother pass on all of his, his two older cousins decided to give him theirs as well. We broke them down into smaller blue containers to make them easier to go through.

Tom and I also made this lego table for him from an ugly old coffee table we got for $5. We painted it white and used E600 glue to glue down the lego grass. We cut the grass to size using a pair of scissors (which I had no idea would work, but did!) We made sure any cut edges were towards the outer rim of the coffee table. Then we bought some edging to not only cover the cut parts of the base plates-but to make the table look more finished. These we glued and nailed in place.
We had considered a bigger coffee table we found, but it was so heavy! We decided it would be better for the table to be lightweight and moveable. The floor cushion is a recovered sofa cushion, but you could just make a cover for a piece of foam too.

The bert + ernie rug near the bookcase was a thrift shop find from way back. It used to hang on the wall, but now is just in use as a little rug. Also the yellow alphabet crewel work in the last photo was also a thrift shop find a few years ago. It was one dollar! I love it so much :)