A little bit of second-hand shop purchases. I found this little Cinderella mouse the same day I bought the coffee table (lego table) for .15. I love that it has a little note on the bottom, but am a bit sad that Jamie didn’t want it. Still, I am happy to give it a home :)

I love that in the second photo I was taking B tried to be all sly and pretend to be playing the DS, and drinking his smoothie. He laughed so hard once I took the photo, thinking he pulled one over on me ;)

The last little set was in the glass case at Goodwill. I really hate it when they have items in the glass cases because it is always such a jumble, and hard to see what is in there. Plus sometimes they mark things that they think are vintage and valuable super high. This little set however was $4.00 and has the cute mushrooms on one side, and hedgehog on the reverse.