Labor Day weekend was…

-Butternut Squash pie, a perfect fall-like pie to match the amazing weather. I’ve been wanting to make a pumpkin pie but with the canned pumpkin shortage it has been impossible to find pumpkin anywhere, and the real pumpkins are not out yet either. Although after making this pie I did check amazon and ordered a case of 12 organic canned pumpkin puree.
-Birthday party for my niece with the color pink + Dora everywhere (not the world I live in of Legos + Harry Potter, but I’m totally fine with that :)
-Seeing my sister Noelle, her husband Nick and of course my little niece.
-Having my friend Katie over for a lovely afternoon…Gilmore Girls, some crafting, and a pasta lunch together at our house.
-Then spending an afternoon with my older sister Heather at her house. She sent me home with this big dollhouse! She got it on freecycle probably a year ago and just never had time to make it over. I am so excited about it. I actually got a dollhouse kit (probably a year ago haha) and never got very far in painting + putting it together. It didn’t even come with diagrams or pictures so it was pretty tricky. I spent some time last night cleaning the whole house, and then removing the grass bottom area you see in the photo. B spent time arranging all the furniture inside and I think this means that I will have to share the dollhouse. :)