Oh Halloween!

doll house progress

Here are all the photos I talked about yesterday (except the tray from Target which I think Tom took to work :) but it is the head one, which you can see on the haystack needles blog…second photo down.)

I got an amazing surprise package from sweet Emily in the mail on Monday. I am so in love with the dancing bears tote bag. I have been forcing myself to wait to use it until I took a proper photo. I was also quite excited that she sent me the postcards from her show which we saw when we were visiting Portland. They are luxurious!! Of course everything else was a complete delight too, Emily has great taste like that. There is no better mail-then a surprise package.

Next up is the Martha Halloween bookazine. It is so beautifully printed that it makes other magazines feel cheapy next to it, but again I am sad I didn’t realize it was a “best of” edition, since I have most all the magazines with the projects from it still saved. I picked up Better Homes & Gardens Halloween magazine today, honestly it is only $4 cheaper then the Martha one–but the paper isn’t nearly as nice. Plus Martha just has that amazing way with photos/decorating/etc. it is really hard to compare. But I did see a few cute ideas when I skimmed really quickly through the BH&G one. An ice cream cone costume that I’d love to make, and a display with water logged books + vintage photos that I am excited to take a closer look at. I’ll report back soon!

Also some slight progress on the dollhouse. I began a first coat of yellow paint over the blue. I know I should of primed the whole thing, but well…I was anxious. While I like the yellow and it will get a second coat, I began wondering if I shouldn’t have painted the house pink instead. I can’t decide so it has been sitting for a few days while I make up my mind. If I do go with pink I am going to prime the whole thing (all the white trim too because it needs it) If not I’ll finish the yellow and then do a second coat.