Katie’s birthday…





My beautiful Miss Katie’s birthday is tomorrow, so she came over this afternoon for a little bit of birthday cheer. Sadly she was feeling sickly with a cold, so I doubt she enjoyed herself as much as she would of liked to. It is so sad to be sick on one’s birthday.

I made her some tea, and then we had some of the funny cake I made her. It was a carrot cake, small but tall with four layers—when I made it there was a bit of shakiness, but thankfully no toppled cake.

I tied her gifts with a cloth tape measure that I bought at a thrift shop, not only does it make a nice ribbon for gifts, it is then also functional as a tape measure :) I need to stock up on these!!

Since my birthday is in a few weeks (but I’m gonna be a busy bee) Katie brought my gifts too. I am in love with the sweet velvet bird and pastel eggs that topped my gift! We watched another disc of Gilmore Girls and then she headed off. Her little boy is spending the night with us, so I am hoping she wakes up tomorrow feeling wonderful and ready to enjoy her day.