J-Pop Summit #1








We are back from our whirlwind trip to San Francisco–J-Pop Summit—Bazaar Bizarre! My oldest son and I made the quick trip. Flying out Friday night and back home on Sunday. We both had a good time though, so much to see and do, so we will be coming back to San Francisco another time.

-New booth set up, I really liked using the metal grid system. I think it will be great for Crafty Bastards too when I have several tables.
-Hotel Tomo..This was a perfect place to stay on this trip. We didn’t need to rent a car since we literally could walk across the street from our hotel (which was in Japantown) and we were at the venue! Hotel Tomo is really awesome, Joie de Vivre Hotels revamped the Best Western inspired by Japanese pop culture. So each room has a mural (That’s K sleeping in our room), glow in the dark desk blotter, ipod dock, and yuzu & bergamot scented toiletries. The lobby has a fun mural all over the ceiling, a fun vending machine, and it just really colorful fun. We liked it a lot.
-Saw lots & lots of fantastic costumes and outfits at the show. :) :) :)
-Got to watch part of the pocky eating contest. Five contestants were supposed to eat 10 boxes of Pocky as fast as they could for the chance to win a year supply of Pocky. It looked like a very dry and crumbly contest.
-I saw this cute girl walking around with her adorable cupcake hat most of the day. :)
-Fun music all day long, but never too loud. It was far enough away to be enjoyable–and still be able to talk to customers.
Thanks to everyone who came out to see me, that means the world to me, and it was so great to meet you all! It was fun having K with me, we took turns walking around and seeing all the fun stuff going on. The New People shop looks really amazing (but almost always had a line to get in so we’ll have to check it out on our next trip out) I did have some tea from their cafe though and it was really good. We also got to try out their japanese toilets (with heated seats! and lots of push button options!) I’ll have one more post with photos and then I’ll upload any others over on Flickr.