J-Pop Summit #2








Here are the last bit of photos from the trip….Today will be an afternoon spent cleaning the studio. It is such a wreck from all the non-stop sewing. Once it’s clean I can get back in and get some more goods made. Don’t forget the Lancaster show is this Sunday, and then the following Saturday is Crafty Bastard’s in DC.

Now onto the photos..
Mori Chack…the creator of Gloomy Bear was at J-Pop. He did an interview over on the stage section, and then was walking around the booths later.
-We had a wonderful dinner out with Blas (on left who is Jamie’s husband) Narumi in the middle, and then Jamie on the right.
-More fun costumes!
-The always gorgeous Stephanie came by. I wanted just a photo of her, but she made me be in it to. (a taste of my own medicine, because really who likes posing for a photo? haha it is the worst!) She is a sweetie though so it is always nice to see her. Oh and her book on making crochet food to wear comes out soon too, so check that out.
-The last photo is just K waiting for the shuttle in the hotel lobby on the last morning there.
Alright I am off to blast some Leslie Hall and clean the studio up…..