hodge podge

So Tom and I have become puzzle people, puttering around some evenings drinking coffee and putting together puzzles at the kitchen table. Seriously, it is fun! I had seen a really cool puzzle that The Dainty Squid found thrift shopping, and really loved it. So I was shocked and amazed when I chanced to stumble upon the very same puzzle at a thrift shop last week. Mine cost me a whopping $2.00 compared to her .49, but I still think it was worth any penny. We had a lot of fun working on the cat patterned wallpaper in the back.

Before the cat puzzle we put together a crazy Christmas puzzle we found, but then I broke it up and passed it on over to a friend of mine since it was a weird wreath shape. Next we did a New Yorker puzzle based off a cover of an old The New Yorker magazine from the 40’s, a cute playland illustration. Once it was framed I never could get a good photo of it, but it looks like this

We have been checking thrift shops every time we go for cool puzzles, but no luck yet besides the cat puzzle. I was kind of bummed after an internet search to find that there are not any puzzles covered in lawn gnomes, that just seems so wrong. Actually I have a huge gnome related post coming up for you—maybe on Friday?

Besides puzzles I cooked up a batch of vegan pumpkin cream cheese muffins yesterday. I just made a normal vegan pumpkin muffin recipe, the mixed vegan cream cheese with some powdered sugar and piped it into the cups of batter. Then a little streusel topping and into the oven.

We are such suckers for all things pumpkin-related this time of year. I came home from the grocery shop on my last trip with spicy pumpkin seeds, pumpkin spice granola bars, a mix of mini pumpkins & gourds, and pumpkin flavored pudding—sucker. Oh and all this was after enjoying a pumpkin flavored latte ;) I can’t help it, just love the feeling of Fall that pumpkin brings! Happy first day of Autumn by the way!

I’ll be back again tomorrow morning with a special DIY project for you.