Ghostie Cozies DIY project

Today is my birthday–and so I am giving you a little DIY project as a gift :)
I love Fall, Halloween, and decorating this time of year! I also love decorating ideas that do not take up extra space—enter the ghostie cozies…

Not only are these little ghosts decorations, they are also little cozies made to slip over jars of pasta, rice, flour…Anything you might normally store around your house in a jar. In the bathroom–maybe slip one over your mouthwash. In the kitchen over a bottle of olive oil, or those storage jars with rice. In the craft room–slip it over a jar of pom poms. :) I think you get the point.

You can find my ghost cozy pattern for printing here. Just choose “print to fit page” and then you can use it as a guide for your very own ghosts.

You’ll need:
-White Felt
-Black Felt
-Craft Glue
-Sewing Machine
-Water Soluble Pen (or a pencil works just as well)
1. Cut out the paper pattern and trace it onto felt (two layers, one for each side of the ghost)
2. Next sew along the traced line of the ghost. Leave the bottom open.
3. Cut your ghost out and turn right side out.
4. Now cut some eyes, a nose, and mouth from the black felt. They can be any size and shape you would like (how about a sad ghost?) Use the craft glue to glue them in place. Once dry your ghost is ready!
You can make smaller ghosts, taller ghosts etc. depending on what you want to cover. The ghosts will even stand on their own without something underneath them, so if you don’t have anything that could be covered, just make some ghosts and stand them up all over your house.

Have fun! Please remember this pattern is for personal use only and should not be sold.