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It is no secret that I love Gnomes, just do a search for “gnome” on my Flickr and you’ll see :) But gnomes have been coming up a lot lately–so I thought I’d share some links and things I have found.

The day before my birthday Tom sent me a link to Gnomeo & Juliet the garden gnome movie. It looks so cute, I cannot wait until it comes out! When I watched the trailer I was hoping it was out now, so we could have seen it for my birthday–but sadly we have to wait until 2011.

I found a copy of The Gnomes Book Of Christmas Craft–which is both awesome and pretty funny all at once. It shows a family opening up and creating all gnome related crafty things on Christmas.

I get a lot of questions about where to buy the little gnome/dwarf cake toppers. I buy mine from Bake It Pretty.

On my trip to San Francisco I found out about a place in England called The Gnome Reserve. Oh my! Must make it out to England!!

I think that is all I wanted to share for now, but if I remember anything else I will add it to this post :)
Thank you all so very much for the birthday wishes! Tom had off work so we had a really fun day, involving antique shops, vintage records, lunch and dinner out and I got far too many presents. Including a super soft mustard-colored sweater which I am wearing right now. Then on Friday I got to spend the day with my sister including yard sales, thrift shops, and a lunch date out. Good times :)

This weekend is bound to be a busy one too with house guests, a juggling of my kids/friends kids, and then a trip to Lancaster on Sunday for the show there. I will probably be back online again on Monday with an update of the Lancaster show–and getting myself ready for Crafty Bastards.