Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone! Since we already had a night or trick or treating tonight will be an evening spent in. We are making a dinner with roast tofurkey (the photo above is before it went in the oven), and pumpkin maple cake for dessert. All the jack-o-lanterns will be lit, and the table will be covered in candles! Thomas is coming home early, and we all made some little handmade gifts to exchange to make it even more festive.

My oldest son wrote everyone a Halloween story, my youngest made drawings and a headless horseman out of clay. Then we will watch It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown and then when the little one is in bed some of the old Roseanne Halloween episodes!

I hope everyone has a magical evening wether you are out collecting treats, costuming it up at a party, or staying in to watch some Halloween favorites like us :)

Oh and just wanted to share two books I’ve been loving… Recipe For Murder a cookbook with cuisine inspired by fiction. I love books like this! The combination of fiction and cooking what could be better? We already own Roald Dahl’s Revolting Recipes, and of course there are also the Star Wars cookbooks one and two, and let’s not forget the Star Trek cookbook either. Fun stuff!

Then there is Witches, Pumpkins, and Grinning Ghosts the history of Halloween symbols. We found this beautiful hardcover edition at a local used bookshop for $1. It has lots of illustrations through out and lots of interesting history too.

2nd grade party time

The class party was today, which meant lots of prep going on yesterday and a bit more this morning. You can see some explanations of everything over on Flickr. Only because it is super duper late and I am ready for bed! Katie came over tonight for an evening in (our husband’s were going to a show together) so while the kids each had a friend her for sleepovers-we did out own version with Gilmore Girls, quilts piled on the couch, and hot chocolate. goodnight :)

Trick Or Treat

Tonight was our town’s Trick or Treating night. It felt weird to us the first couple of years that we lived here, but now it is nice since Tom is always off on Thursdays. K went trick or treating with his friends-so it was just us and the B.

B was dressed as Tom Riddle and many many people said “OH! It’s Harry Potter!” Poor fella, he gave up correcting people after awhile ;) A few people said Malfoy–or Slytherin, which was atleast more accurate. :) I am pretty proud of his Slytherin cape. I made it without a pattern and just followed reference online to make it. I made it fully lined in green satin with a pointed hood and sleeves that bell outward. This website was a huge help when looking for accuracy for the Hogwart’s uniforms + robes.

K was just a giant monster head guy (as modeled by Tom above) Just a silly costume made from fleece and polyfil, very warm, and very strange.

There were many treats, and even some games + a moon bounce involved…oh and one super giant hershey bar! Not full sized bar, not king sized bar, but giant size (like something you would buy to bake with) So funny…truly the biggest piece of candy any of the kid’s have received trick or treating.