Crafty Bastards part 2

Thomas, my oldest son, and my nephew all attended Crafty Bastards. Having so many helpers meant that I could walk with the kids down and watch part of the break dance competition. Then the two boys walked down and got jumbo slice for lunch. Tom and I had the box lunches that Whole Foods provided for the vendors…lucky Tom they even had a vegan option this year!

Crafty Bastards is an amazing show. They have volunteers to help you take your goods to your booth space. They had a big bunch of dollies you could use. They bring you around free lunch, had free bagels and coffee in the morning. Brought us around free bananas as a snack. Oh and free waters through out the show to keep you hydrated. They also had someone come around and collect any trash (all super helpful if you are vending on your own)

We also had the pink cupcake truck and ATM truck behind us :) We even stopped for a little frozen yogurt with bananas and walnuts for the drive home. K got blackberries and chocolate chips, and S (my nephew) got watermelon and strawberries, and chocolate syrup–a wild combination but he seemed to love his very first taste of tart frozen yogurt :)

I am totally worn out though with doing three shows in a row. It has been a couple of crazy weeks, so I am looking forward to relaxing a bit. I have had to pack/unpack those suitcases of goodies far too many times. My next show is in November–ICE Atlanta. This is my first time doing that show, and I am really excited about it.

As promised this week I am going to have some fun book info/giveaways, share some arty DIYs, and I have a couple more Halloween DIYs up my sleeves too. I love Halloween so much, so lots coming up.

Crafty Bastards rewind! (part 1)

I started making this post and realized I had way too many photos to share, and that I better break it up. Yesterday was Crafty Bastard’s in Washington DC..and we had a blast. The show was amazing, and
the City Paper staff are always super helpful.

I had a booth that was on the end and this worked out perfectly for my banner. It brought me so much joy to see so many people stop and take photos with it, and even one little dog! :) I felt bad that it was much more kid friendly sized (so adults had to get down on their knees) So I am thinking of making a new one with the hole higher so adults can stand. This one I think will be a triple scoop ice cream cone, and you can be a scoop.

My booth pictures are really bad, sorry. I took them before the show started and the sun at that time was shining right into part of the booth. So one half of the stuff was shadowed, the other bright sunlight. But I hope you get the idea. I didn’t realize how much stuff I brought till we started setting up the table, it was pretty packed. The pink ice cream cones were the first thing to sell out, and the last rainbow was the very last thing to sell as we were packing up :) But then of course as it always happens some one came up right after the rainbow sale to see if we still had any rainbows left. I felt so bad—it always happens that way.

I am planning to update the shop tomorrow with all my leftover goodies. This means fabric, zip pouches, new prints, terrariums, and some plush too! I’ll be back very soon with part 2 of our day.