Catbus Piñata



Here is the Catbus piñata that the kids and I made last night. We used techniques we found on Alicia Policia’s blog entry about making a Luke Skywalker Piñata. I had never thought about using cardboard rather then paper mache. It was much faster, and way less messy.


To create our catbus, we re-used a priority mailing box (shoebox size) for the body. Which works pretty perfectly. Then we cut apart another used box to create the face, tail, and legs. I just drew the face on, using photos online for reference. Same with the stripes, and windows of the bus.


I just used packing tape, because that is what I have on hand…so I tried not to use too much of it. Although I did cut plenty of slits all over the box to help weaken it, so it should still break open easily. I cut a hole in the top (close to the tail) for adding the goodies, and doubled up the cardboard in the area where I attached some wire (for hanging) for extra stability.

Adding the crepe paper puffs went pretty quickly on the body, the face took slightly more time since it had a bit more detail. For the bottom of our catbus I simply glued down strips of the crepe streamers to cover it.

As for streamers we needed 2 rolls of brown (although we didn’t use all of the second one) 1 roll of tan, a small bit of yellow, and black for the smaller details.

For filling (since it is for 15 & 16 years old) we are thinking Pocky, fortune cookies, susuwatari plush (soot sprites), candy from the asian market, and a bunch of paper cranes. :)