Halloween Movies (part 1)

I love Halloween so much, and as we are finally decorating it up around here, we are also watching Halloween movies. Last night Tom and I watched a good scary Halloween movie called Trick R Treat. It came out back in 2007, but neither of us had heard of it before. I saw a couple of photos online, and found the dvd for $6.99.

It is awesome, not too scary (but not for kids, it is a horror movie) so much amazing Halloween imagery through out. A beautiful costume filled Halloween parade, so many jack-o-lanterns, and it has Anna Paquin in it. The Sookie Stackhouse novels are my true guilty pleasure, and we’ve enjoyed watching True Blood on Netflix, so it is fun to see Sookie in her pre-Bill days.

There are a couple of little cheesy things (Sam without his mask), but we still both loved it. It will definitely be one of those Halloween movies we watch every year before Halloween. Just remember is it a horror movie, so it might not be for everyone :)

Next up in the 1986 film The Worst Witch. Before there was Harry Potter my sisters and I feel head over heels for the witchy school life of Mildred Hubble. This movie has got it all…flying on broomsticks, the school bully Ethel, and Tim Curry singing “anything can happen on Halloween”.

Based on a series of books, there was also a British tv series made from the books (Netflix has the series listed as “save” so perhaps they will have them soon!) I couldn’t find useable photos from the movie–I think the ones above are from the televison series, but you get the idea. We own a copy of the movie and watch this every October. We even have Tim Curry’s song on our Halloween mixed cd, and I am happy to say my 7 year old knows all the words of the song by heart.

I’ll try and post a few more of our Halloween favorites over the next couple of weeks. Do you have a favorite Halloween movie??