Halloween Flag DIY

I decided to make a Halloween flag to hang outside, and you can too!
-20×44 inches of orange nylon fabric
-12×16 inches black nylon fabric
-12×16 inches black iron on interfacing
-X-acto knife
-waterproof spray adhesive/glue
-sewing machine
-small flag pole (or dowel rod)
note: If you want your flag to be double sided you will need double the amount of black nylon, and iron on fabrics
1. Print out the template, each half should fit onto a single piece of paper. Owl top half, Owl bottom half. Use tape to attach both pieces together. The dark purple areas will be the cut away sections.

2. Using an iron set on the nylon setting iron the interfacing onto the black fabric.

3. Next you have two options–You can fold you black fabric in half lengthwise and line up one half of the owl template on the fold. This is how I cut mine, and you can kind of tell in the photo above. If you find it too difficult to try and cut through the paper and two layers of fabric, simple pin the whole template to the flat fabric and cut it out that way.

4. On a safe cutting surface use your X-acto knife to cut away all the dark purple areas and the black fabric underneath.

5. Now take your orange fabric and fold it in half so it resembles a flag with the fold across the top. Use pins to tuck all the ends up about 1/4-1/2 of an inch.

6. Sew a straight line across the top of your flag near the fold to form the pocket for your flag pole, measure your pole first to make sure your pocket will be big enough. Now sew up all the sides and bottom being sure not to sew over the pole pocket. You can sew one end of the pocket closed if you are using a dowel rod to keep it from slipping through.

7. In a well ventilated area with a covered work surface, spray the back of your owl cut out with the spray adhesive. Press down on to your flag, pressing from the inner area outward to avoid too many wrinkles. Once dry, hang your flag outside.