a little bit of Halloween

The house feels quite festive. I have a few more photos to take to show you all of our decorations, but you get the idea. Can you tell I am a fan of the orange pumpkin trick-or-treat buckets? I found most of my collection at thrift shops and yard sales for about .10 each.

I love getting out pour little model skeleton each year, and the vintage cut outs that I found at Goodwill with their old yellowed tape stuck on the back.

The cat shower curtain was my attempt to create a vintage looking cat—and I am not very pleased with how it turned out, but the boys like it. I just used acrylic paint on a plain shower curtain (the kind that would still need a liner behind it) Drew out my design with pencil, and filled it all in. I kept adding stuff to it because I wasn’t happy with it, and in the end probably went a little overboard with all the white lines haha.

It was for our downstairs bathroom (only guests ever use the shower in there) so acrylic paint was fine for us since their will not be any humidity.

Now I’ve gotta run, and pick up some supplies. We are staying in tonight making beaded spiders, a big pot of soup, and playing songs from our new Halloween mix which include Louis Armstrong’s The Skeleton In The Closet, Bobby “Boris” Pickett’s Werewolf Watusi, and The Premier Quartet’s The Skeleton Rag. I am so in love with old Halloween songs, my only wish was that there were more more more.