making beaded spiders

Last night we made some beaded spiders following this tutorial by Craftily Ever After. The only thing we did differently was to use a thinner wire, because we already had it on hand. In the end I wish I had purchased the thicker wire too because our spiders legs bend really easily. Still they can stand without a problem, and B has had lots of fun making his spiders crawl around his paper mache castle.

We even turned one into a spider necklace! I think I might make a new one (with the thicker wire) for the necklace because this one’s legs get a bit bent up during normal wear :) Super fun though, and wasn’t too hard for B either.

K did not make any, he has been pretty absorbed this week in some new library books he picked up this week, but B has been a crafty fool lately. I’ll post some more of his projects soon!

shop updated…

Just a heads up that I added more stuff over at the shop. I now have the red riding hood cross stitch pattern up as either a PDF file, or an actual printed hard copy which would be mailed to you (I thought this work work especially well if you wanted to give it as a gift) I did the same with the Snow White pattern too. I am hoping to have the robot patterns finished before my next shop update.
Meanwhile I have three gallery shows to finish up pieces for, and then I am going to start stockpile sewing for the holidays and the ICE show in Atlanta GA.

I’ve already sewn up 2 new ornament designs for this year…20 done so far, but I think I’ll wait till after Halloween to share photos :)