More Halloween around the house

So here are some more photos of around the house. I made the giant Halloween pillows by taking vintage Halloween images and enlarging them in photoshop—then having them printed by Spoonflower. The cat was actually an image from the front of a vintage noisemaker, so for that I took a photo and then extracted the cat in photoshop and filled in the background with orange. I have an owl pillow that I still need to sew and stuff that was from the cover of a vintage Halloween game. I got the idea from a magazine that had enlarged an old cat face illustration to make a bean bag toss game.

Of course I sewed some pillow covers from my Halloween fabric too.

We turned our gnomes into Halloween bandits by cutting little masks from black fabric, and a little double sided tape on the ends to help them stay on.

I have a collection going of Halloween + Christmas records. I just wish my Halloween collection was bigger. This record isn’t even a Halloween one per say–but the cover is great. The only Halloween song on it though it Witches’ Brew (and it’s not great) haha.

The bookshelf is covered in pumpkins and black painted owls from last year. The castle also makes a nice decoration with its spooky skulls :)