Classic Electric’s Halloween art show

Last night was the art show at Classic Electric Tattoo in Frderick MD. My husband works there along with some other great fellas (including my bff Katie’s husband) I tried to get photos of everyone dressed up, but lots of them were pretty blurry–so these are the best of the bunch. I loved how the guys decorated the front windows too. Candy corn + pumpkins galore! So good!

I was an owl which I tried to set up my camera to capture a photo before I left the house. I guess there was a little too much light-and I must have had it on macro because its blurry, but you get the idea. I made the mask by covering a plastic mask with felt and fancy fabrics. The wings are big pieces of felt covered with the same fabrics sewn on, and they attached to the ruffled cape around my neck. I also had ribbons tying the inside of the wings to my wrists to help keep them in place.

I also wanted to include a photo of the piece Tom made for the show. i took this after he left for work one day, I loved his painting so much :) I also loved the fact that his desk looked so beautifully staged, but totally isn’t. Compared to my work desk (with heaps and heaps of fabric) his desk is pretty magical!