Make Monster Goo + Pumpkin Putty

We made some monstrous goop and goo—and some orange pumpkin putty before dinner tonight.
We played around with various recipes we found online and came out with three very different textures.

The extra slimy goop you see at the top was just a mix of conrstarch, water, and food coloring. It is will feel like quicksand, and flow like water, but also feel hard if you smack it. You can chunk pieces off, and then they will flow down your hands. It is pretty magical, and although messy—it is not so hard to clean up. Just do not put it down the sink. We saved all of ours in ziploc bags.

The other two were mixes one involving Elmer’s glue, water, food coloring, and borax—and the other with all of those but also corn starch. Just do a little googling–there are so many different mixtures to try.

The pumpkin colored putty was best for cookie cutters, and poking things into it. The other chunky green one is much more crumbly, but still fun!

I’m glad so many of you liked the Halloween mix :) I still have one more post with Halloween movies to share before Halloween. Tomorrow is trick or treating for us, so I’ll have some costume photos for ya.