Trick Or Treat

Tonight was our town’s Trick or Treating night. It felt weird to us the first couple of years that we lived here, but now it is nice since Tom is always off on Thursdays. K went trick or treating with his friends-so it was just us and the B.

B was dressed as Tom Riddle and many many people said “OH! It’s Harry Potter!” Poor fella, he gave up correcting people after awhile ;) A few people said Malfoy–or Slytherin, which was atleast more accurate. :) I am pretty proud of his Slytherin cape. I made it without a pattern and just followed reference online to make it. I made it fully lined in green satin with a pointed hood and sleeves that bell outward. This website was a huge help when looking for accuracy for the Hogwart’s uniforms + robes.

K was just a giant monster head guy (as modeled by Tom above) Just a silly costume made from fleece and polyfil, very warm, and very strange.

There were many treats, and even some games + a moon bounce involved…oh and one super giant hershey bar! Not full sized bar, not king sized bar, but giant size (like something you would buy to bake with) So funny…truly the biggest piece of candy any of the kid’s have received trick or treating.