Santa and such

Here are just a few more peeks. I’ll give you some real photos once we get our tree and it is all decorated! We had snow here today several times. Nothing that stuck, but it sure is beautiful when it’s snowing.

The top photo is a collection of vintage santas, a mr. and mrs claus which I found at a fabric sale. They were the printed on fabric type, and I actually cut them out, sewed and stuffed them a few years ago (I have too many unfinished projects like that to count) Now the gingerbread men..I love them! They are supposed to be dog toys made of boiled wool, but I look them too much. I found one at Target (a few years ago and have never seen then since) and the other at a small pet shop in downtown Frederick.

Then some glass and do-dads…and last my little random tree stand things. I love these displays. The first one I bought at a thrift shop a couple of years ago. It came in a beautiful little hat box with the gift tag still tucked in.
More very soon, these last couple days have been so busy that they have just zoomed by. I hope things slow down a little bit soon.

Spoonflower fabric sale

Just a head’s up that Spoonflower is having a sale for the rest of the week (until Friday Dec 3rd) Half-off ALL FAT QUARTERS for the week! You can find all my fabrics here, (to see all my fabrics for sale be sure and click the 1,2,3,and 4 at the top)
and the sale works on all the fabrics! A great deal!

I actually have some other Christmas photos to share too–so I’ll be back a little later with those.