Ghosts Of Christmas Pasts tutorial round-up

I thought I would go ahead and make one big post containing some of my DIYs from Christmas pasts. This way they are all in one place, and hopefully you will find something you would like to make!

First up how about some gnome ornaments? These are super easy to make using cupcake toppers, wooden circles, pipe cleaners etc. You can find the little gnomes for sale here.

Now how about some little cuckoo clock boxes. You can fill these with small toys, or candy.

The link above also includes instructions for making dog biscuits, and packing them up for the pups in your life.

Then we have the snowflake curtain. A perfect excuse to cut up lots of snowflakes and then hang them up in your windows.

This one was a huge hit with the kids, so fun to make! Trophies from old toys and gold spray paint.

Easy string wrapped elves. While these seem like they would take a long time–they sure do make up quick!

Yet another use for those plastic gnomes (which I cannot get enough of ever) a Yule Log cake…so yummy (and the recipe I use is vegan too).

Oh and even more gnomes (man, I really have a problem when it comes to gnomes and elves) These are easy enough to make a batch for a class party. The post also includes some other simple ideas for goodie bag gifts.

and some other random things…

Turn your kids into elf ornaments that will kind of scare them, but I think are adorable. Then tuck them into your Christmas cards. Sorry this isn’t really a tutorial, but I just used printable iron on paper and photoshop to add the kid’s faces to the elves.

and even more…(and ugh so sorry the photos are so so bad)
Little babushka sachets
cinnamon sugar walnuts with packaging
very creepy but very funny star wars plush
mini toadstool gift tag clips
shrinky dink ornaments