trimming the second tree….

We are totally the Christmas family with two trees. We always get a real tree, and then we also have a white faux tree which we found one year after Christmas for $5. The faux tree always get the colorful balls, colored lights, and the random assortment of small Christmas creatures (elves, gnomes, santa, angels etc.) This is nothing compared to my sister’s elf tree, dreamy dreamy and covered in elves! I’ll have to see if she has a photo I can post.

Now in the past year we have also been running across blown/molded plastic lawn characters and how could we resist? Our first big one was a Santa in May or something warm like that. He was under $5 at the thrift shop and we put him in our cart right away. It was amazing how jolly pushing a cart with Santa in it made everyone around us. Everyone commented! “Santa’s early” “Ho-Ho-Ho” It was cute.

Then we found a family getting rid of all of their blown/molded plastic. Unfortunately another family had gotten there right before us and had filled their car with the best stuff (so hard to watch them driving away with the goods) We still ended up with the rosy cheeked Santas. Then last month I found the three big snowman at a thrift shop. The tag said $7.00 for all 3. I didn’t particularly love all three of them, but what a bargain! Not being in love with them means it makes it easy to stick them out on the porch as decorations ;)

The little ones we have found here and there. Lucky for us we also have a big roomy basement where the big guys can spend the off season in comfort. We have stopped collecting the big ones for now, unless we see something amazing (I’d love some reindeer) because I realize what a space consuming collection this could be! Thank goodness my husband is just as enthusiastic!

As for the pile of elves and pixies I made 7 of them using heads I’ve picked up, and the rest are thrift shop purchases.

I am going to work on some tutorials for this coming week including the hot pads, and the shelf sitting elves.