the most wonderful time cont.

Once it got dark we headed to Bernville PA to Koziar’s Christmas Village. It was a really cold night, so we had long underwear, hat, mittens, scarves, and hot chocolate. The Christmas Village is a huge lighted display that you walk through, with little shops and places to pop in and get warm. There is also a huge indoor train display (and hot chocolate) and little lighted dioramas to peek into through out.

Oh and see my hat in the last photo–it’s a thrifted find that reads “I Believe in Elves” haha, so awesome.

the most wonderful time of the year

Yesterday Tom and I took a small road trip with the kids. We spent the early afternoon at The National Christmas Museum in Paradise PA. There is nothing like a Christmas museum to get you into the Christmas mood! I know I’ve blogged about this place before, but really if your ever in the area, and you love Christmas check it out.

It was empty since it was a school day, which may it perfect for walking around and seeing things without feeling rushed. Afterwards we went to a few thrift shops and then dinner out before heading over to…. (more in my next post)