Christmas Images

I found the most amazing Christmas book a couple of weeks ago. Twenty-five cents for those beautiful illustrations. Not only that, the cover makes me swoon! I wanted to share a few of my most favorites pages.

The title is Favorite Christmas Songs And Stories, pictures by Dellwyn Cunningham and published in 1953 but my copy is a 1978 reprinting. Inside the front cover is a nice inscription too. To Shay From Aunt Ebb & Bob 1978. :)

I found these napkins today (a package of each for .10 a pack. I doubt I could ever put these out for use though. More likely I will save two for myself, and then send a napkin off whenever I send out a package to someone I know who loves vintage like me.

A few links of interest…
I Love To Create blog– where you can find an interview Jennifer Perkins did of me + my book. They give away a prize every day on the blog (there is a place to enter on the side) and on my interview day the prize was a gallon of Tacky Glue! So awesome!

I have received my Kidrobot plush, and they work really well as ornaments! You can find the at Kidrobot, or lots of other awesome shops like Atomic, Rotofugi, Pink Ghost, etc.

I’ll be back probably on Friday to show you the finished Harry Potter plush dolls. The boys and I are meeting up with Katie and her son to take in a dinner theater show (same thing the boys and I did last Wednesday but this time in Maryland instead of Pennsylvania) Then tomorrow I have an appointment to get my hair cut and colored. I have never had my hair colored at a salon, and it has been about 10 years since I have had it cut at one, I’m pretty excited for the treat!