Where has December gone?

This month has just flown by! I guess December is always like that. We’ve been busy bees lately with all kinds of fun things. On Sunday night was Tom’s work Christmas party. I love how the shop is decorated, and want those deer! Aren’t they amazing?

Since I do not have co-workers of my own I decided to order a bunch of donuts. Then Tom and I decorated them to look like the ones I make with candy eye balls, and smiles. Then we took some on to the post office, and the other half to the fabric shop to wish all the people that really do help me year long with my business :) Don’t worry I didn’t forget our home mail fella.

Tom’s co-workers got the normal bags of sweets and our Christmas Mix for this year. The party was a potluck this year at the shop. Good fun, and way too much food!

We have also checked out two different dinner theaters with the kids this year. The last one with Katie and her little boy. Cheesy good Christmas cheer. Now I am trying to beat the clock and finish up all the handmade gifts, I have 4 in progress at this point (and 1 that is not even started). I am cutting it dangerously close this year.

Today is the school holiday party, which means my morning has been spent baking gingerbread cookies, and stuffing the goodie bags which I made from felt (snowmen and gingerbread men this year)