jingle bells

+ all the awesome Christmas goodies to be found at thrift shops
+ pizza parties (and thank goodness for daiya vegan cheese!)
+ gingerbread houses
+ vintage wooden ornaments that are tiny and make me swoon
+ having friends over for cookie baking (and seeing them use the cinnamon red balls in excess just like we used to during cookie bakes at Tom’s Moms house. She even hid the red balls ones year!)
+ Kenny & Dolly & Christmas, has there ever been a better match?
+ making a million paper snowflakes (oh and added bonus points if you are dressed as a pilgrim while doing it)
+ baking more cookies (and more will be baked today because of all the cookies we’ve made—they have all been sent off to other homes and our own cookie jars are bare)
+ crystal snow flakes (thanks Martha) and one ghost of christmas past crystal ornament guy
+ husbands who get really invested in decorating the gingerbread house, so you get to sit back and knit ;)
Hope you are all having a lovely holiday time.