Merry Christmas!

We had a lovely and very busy Christmas day this year. We started off with Christmas at home…stockings, gifts, lots of Christmas music, and coffee! Oh, and snow! Beautiful snow falling the whole time we opened our presents, it was really lovely. Then we got ready for the day and headed over to Tom’s parents house for lunch, even more gifts, Christmas claymation, and more coffee. Then it was back home and my sister and her family came over to finish off the night with Christmas cookies, coffee (of course!) and even more gifts. It was a crazy day that included many lovely gifts ranging from handmade, to Etsy-handmade, vintage + amazing books. I can’t believe how totally spoiled I feel. I’ll have to share some photos of the lovelies soon. Even with all that coffee by the end of the night we were totally worn out. It was a packed day.

On Christmas Eve our own little family went out for dinner at our favorite Chinese restaurant which has a good vegetarian selection. It was a feast for kings, then we headed to Crumland Farms for a Santa sighting (my kiddos have never been the type to sit on Santa’s lap, and frankly I don’t blame them haha, so we always just look from afar) Then we drove through the mile and a half of light displays, my favorite was the barn of lights that you drive through (as seen above)

We will be taking it easy for the next week, I’ll probably work on restocking my shop after the new year. :)