Books by the tree

Thanks for all the book love in the last post. I am always up for more recommendations too! My Goodreads account can be found here.

In order to stay sane the kids and I ventured out of the house today. We hit the library (the youngest had a series of books he wanted to get), and then stopped in a few thrift shops to see if there was any cool Christmas goods on sale. We only found a couple of wooden ornaments, but I found this beautiful book! Das Verzauberte Dorf (google says means The Enchanted Village)

The colors and illustrations are so lovely! I found a few more books online with the same illustrator. This one from Old Man Winter Comes To Town is very nice. As is this cover from Theodoline, das Kanguruh. But then there is Ladislaus und Annabella, so adorable!

So randomly stumbling upon this book at a thrift shop for .25 was quite a nice find indeed. It is funny too because it is the same thrift shop where I found the little German Red Riding Hood book, and two Jak Krtek (Little Mole) book’s which I believe are written in Czech, and I’m not sure if I ever posted about. If not, I need to do it soon…I love these books, and I think I need to get some of the animated films :) Anyhow I always wonder if these books are coming from the same person’s donations. If so I do hope they continue to donate, as they will always find a happy home with us.

Oh and besides books I have been playing with a “new to me” camera that Tom brought home for me last night. It is a Nikon D100, with a 28-105mm lens. Now all this is over my head, and I’ll need my sister to come and help me walk through it, but it has been fun to play with. I know it is not the newest camera, but as a trade for tattooing someone-I am super excited. It has the extra battery pack so it feels even bigger, a case, 2 memory cards, and the card reader. It was an awesome surprise. I had taken a few photos of our light up Santas earlier in the evening with my old camera and they were blurry lumps of glow.….but with the new camera you can tell they are Santa! Ha, such a difference!