ringing in the new year!

We are having some friends over tonight for a New Years Eve celebration tonight, so I need to make this quick. Yesterday we went to Lucketsville VA to the Old Lucketts Store (a favorite when we want furniture). We were looking for a second glass cabinet to fit on this wall, and found this lovely. I wasted no time in filling it up, which means some of my other glass cabinets now have a bit more room and are not so crowded :)

I’m still trying to figure out this camera, so sorry the photos are not so great. Hopefully my sister and I will be able to get together soon for a lesson or two. Meanwhile I hope everyone has a fantastic (and safe!) New Year’s Eve. We’ve got a rootbeer keg, some sweet treats from the Harry Potter cookbook, and I plan on making a big pot of our favorite soup. We’ve got confetti poppers, sparklers, and noisemakers–so I think we are set!